Metal Cutting Taping Machine

Equipment function: six-sided inspection: damage, scratches, printing and other defects.

Model: SY5

Size: 970*980*2020mm

Weight: 426KG

Capacity: 60K/H (different materials have different speeds, the actual speed is subject to the material)

Feeding method: automatic feeding

Air pressure: 0.5MPa

Power: 800W

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Product Characteristics

The turntable mechanism is adopted, which is reliable and efficient, and is convenient for adding images later.
High transmittance glass turntable to minimize the influence of glass on test results
High-performance CCD image inspection system to ensure product inspection quality
Driven by high-performance servo motor, accurate angle positioning, reliable and continuous work
Driven by high-performance servo motor, accurate angle positioning, reliable and continuous work

Equipment Characteristics

Modular design

Structural modular design (universal)

Easy adjustment of mechanism parts (microcards, etc.)

Modules are easy to replace and low cost

Smart production

Connection of MES system

Human-machine linkage

Fast data transfer and storage

Good stability and high detection accuracy

High-strength machined precision parts

100% brand electronic components

The most mature testing institution and the most leading brand CCD inspection system

Specification Parameters

Adapt to the productSemiconductor components such as filters, inductors, QFNs, and ICs.
UPH40K/H (related to product and functional requirements
Sealing methodHeat sealing/self sealing
Operation methodTouch screen
Carrier tape width8/12/16mm
Statistics functionProduction data statistics, yield statistics
Visual systemFilling inspection, serious damage, dirty inspection, etc.
Feeding methodAutomatic feeding
Feeding methodVibrating plate
Test functionPolarity test MTBA≥1Hr filling accuracy 100% detection accuracy 99.95%
Machine size1410*1200*1810mm (length, width and height)
Machine weight450KG power supply 220V 50HZ air source 0.5Mpa rated power 1500W