R & D team

The R&D team is strong, with many senior mechanical engineers, electrical engineers and software engineers with many years of industry experience, including 3 masters and 2 doctoral consultant teams. 1 reserve-level talent in Shenzhen and 1 local-level leading talent in Shenzhen, with exquisite design, bold innovation, and all-round satisfaction of customer needs. Mature manufacturing process to simplify equipment operation, Production visualization, data storage, and process control. Ensure that the equipment has good operation stability, high test accuracy, and beautiful appearance.
  • Strong team

  • Mature manufacturing process

Intellectual property

In 2017, it passed the certification of "Intellectual Property Management System" and the certification of "Guangdong Intelligent Semiconductor Testing Taping Equipment Engineering Technology Research Engineering Center". Currently, It has 21 invention patents, 91 utility model patents and 27 software copyrights.

Quality Center
The quality control department of SUNYILG Optoelectronics has a complete quality control process and strictly follows the quality inspection standards of each link, which provides a strong guarantee for SUNYILG Optoelectronics to produce high-quality packaging and testing equipment.
Precision machining center
SUNYILG Opto Semiconductors has strong CNC precision machining capabilities. It has established a total of 4000+ square meters of machining centers, and has multiple five-axis machining centers, slow wire travel, optical grinding and other machining precision equipment. It is the precision vibration plate and sealing and testing equipment. Relevant precision parts provide high-quality and stable precision machining services.